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Message from The Founders

The following article was written by Horses in
California Co-founder Melba Meakin and published on May 2, 1993.


"Welcome! It’s hard to believe, but gratifying, that Polo in the Park is celebrating it’s 10th birthday!


"Our first Show Jumping Grand Prix was held in July, 1984, at the Fort Barry Rifle Range in the Marin Headlands of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.


"The following year, in August, 1985, the event was welcomed enthusiastically for the first time to the Polo Field of San Francisco’s world-renowned Golden Gate Park, fulfilling a dream for me.


"That dream was to let everyone enjoy the beauty and elegance, history and inspiration of the horse and its relationship with humans, in this—one of the splendid parks and great cities of the world.


"All ages, from children to grandparents, love horses, from the nag to the thoroughbred. Here we come to celebrate the horse, which has served humans for transport, for burden bearing, for individual pleasure, as a friend, for a livelihood, and even for our physical survival. The horse is part of our heritage. It’s unlikely the West could have been settled without it.


"Rare is the heart that is not touched to see a horse, in repose or in action.


"As we grew, we were especially pleased to be able to help children with physical disabilities grow in strength and self-esteem, through our James S. Brady Therapeutic Riding Program, which benefits from this event. And this year we welcome for the first time, joint sponsorship of the Queen’s Club and its beneficiaries, The Not Forgotten Association.


"The San Francisco Grand Prix Association and Polo in the Park Classics represent a rekindling of the principles identified by our founding fathers of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


"The vision—the harness of hope—is the leadership needed, not only by riders, but by every citizen in the nation.


"Be welcome, have a cup of tea, and enjoy!


-Melba Meakin, Co-Founder, Horses in California, Inc.